Friday, 10 January 2014

In this article we are going to discuss about how to fix the Corrupted Grub while booting the Solaris X86 server. Last week I have faced the same issue on one of the Solaris X86 server which was stuck in GRUB menu, I just want to share the same to you all. 

When I rebooted the server, it went to the GRUB> menu prompt as showed below
grub >
grub >
grub >
Since we have corrupted GRUB, There is no option other than booting the server with using CD-ROM image and install the GRUB to fix the issue. For this we need to connect the CD-ROM and redirect to the Solaris_OS.iso image as showed below

Change the First boot device as CD-ROM from BIOS setting

Boot the server with CD-ROM image

Select the Single User Shell

Mount the root disk and Install the Grub

Umount and reboot the server that's all.

Cool !!!! We are in boot menu now.

Thanks for Reading this post. If you have any doubt, please leave your comment, I will get back to you at earliest.....:)